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Semester Project proposal, Research Paper and Sources

For my semester project I have two ideas. I am to do a podcast, or write a blog post, about people or a person who I know and interview them about how they are using a dating website, and they’re experiences with it and how much they trust the site and the people on it. Maybe I could even do a podcast with two friends, one a republican and another a democrat, about gun control and if it will help to prevent mass shootings, or not, and what could be done to make shootings happen less.

For my research paper, I am going to focus on the positive and negative sides of having an online identity. For the positive side, I would speak about how having an online identity can help a person better express who he or she is if the person is shy in reality. If this person has a social media account, this person can choose to surround him or herself with people this person feels comfortable with, and freely express him or herself. Another positive side to having an online identity could be online dating, such as or otherwise, where if a person has difficulty meeting someone in real life, then that person can meet the love of his or her life through an online identity. Though, a negative side to having an online identity, or presence, is cat fishing. For all a person knows, he or she could be meeting people on or other social media platforms who are not who they say they are, whether it’s personality wise, facial, or both. A negative side to people being able to freely express themselves online can also be bad if a person turns out to be a truly awful human being.

I found a few sources such as this one:

I found this article interesting because it discusses how a lot of Twitter and other social media users are lonely and go on social media to relieve their loneliness. It also discusses how some women feel more comfortable expressing themselves online rather than real life.

I found this article interesting as it discusses the negative side to social media and positive side. It discusses how having an online presence can offer a space for youths to explore interests or problems with similar people and strengthens their communication skills. Though students in school who overuse social media get bad grades and spend less time on their studies and listening to their teachers in class and more time in the online world.

This article discusses the different impacts that social media has on society, such as cat fishing. One of the things it discusses is how a thirteen year old girl was driven to suicide because she was cyber bullied by a boy named Josh Evans, who actually turned out to be a false persona created by her adult neighbor.

Another possible source I can use is Beyond New Media: Discourse and Critique in a Polymediated Age:

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