Money with a Story

With society revolving around technology, I find it to be very interesting that people are willing to give money to anything and anyone as long as there is a heartfelt story behind where you are sending it. A very serious example of this is around 10 days ago, a Hockey team in Canada was hit by a semi-truck and more than half of the people on the bus were killed. This story has been pouring all over the internet and all over the world. As one woman decided to make a GoFundMe page for this team, there have been over $11 million donated to this cause. My question is…How do these people know that the money is legitimately going to these families? How do they trust one person with all of this money? And how do they know that donating this money is actually going to help people that you thought it would? I find donating money on the internet to be extremely sketchy actually. I don’t trust that my money is going somewhere that I know of. I don’t trust people on the internet, and I don’t trust the technological world with money in general. I am not at all trying to dis this idea of giving money through places like GoFundMe, but I also don’t understand the uproar of people that believe that it is okay they are giving money to outer space essentially. It’s definitely a strange world. I would love to know what you guys think about this process of using the internet to send money to people who need the help?


~Danyela Swidler~


  1. I think this in an interesting thing to think about. In times of tragedy, many people want to reach out and lend a helping hand. If they see someone is collecting money for a good cause their first inclination will be to send over some money (if they are ones who are emotionally involved in this story) without considering the legitimacy of the collector. In today’s world we can only hope that people have the right intentions when it comes to these kinds of things. But you can never really trust someone who do not know even if their online profile says they are somebody they might actually not be. Today we see so many f*ck’d up people doing f*ck’d up things that it would not be surprising to hear about somebody stealing peoples money who those people had intended to send it for rightful purposes. You just never know these days which is really a shame. That is why we must be careful when it comes to these things.

  2. “My question is…How do these people know that the money is legitimately going to these families?”
    Empathy is a huge, and rather exploitable, part of human nature that we cannot avoid. It’s why if you see a video of an animal being rescued you go and share it with your friends because you care about the well being of the animal and had an emotional reaction towards it.
    It too.. is why people get into sticky situations (im talking, kidnapping, domestic abuse.. etc). we care a lot about people more than ourselves and won’t see the harm in it until it’s far too late.
    It’s a long general speel but that’s the general concept.

  3. People who donate money to a GoFundMe do it with good intentions. I look at it as a thing that brings out the best in people, that really shows how caring and sympathetic people can be. I am surprised myself that people will give money so easily to a cause on GoFundMe. I never gave money on a GoFundMe before, or anywhere online. I probably won’t because I agree with you in not really trusting the online world when it asks for money.

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