My Semester Project-MVL Radio


My semester project featured my involvement with MVL Radio as a student DJ/host.  Every Wednesday and Friday for two hours I host a show for our student-run college radio station called The Old New.  During the duration of the show I play music, while giving comments and analysis on the chosen songs I play.  I direct my music choices towards classic rock, and other popular genres from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, mostly. I have been a part of MVL for three years now.

For my semester project I wanted to choose a medium that I was comfortable with and interests me.  I thought involving the radio into my semester project would allow me to practice my oral communication skills and force me to branch out and go further with this than I usually do for a normal show.  On Friday, April 13th during my radio show, at about 5:30pm I went live on Facebook within our private Convergent Media group.  There, I opened the floor to audience interaction where I was on live video via Facebook and live on-air in the studio simultaneously.  During my live video my classmates were suppose to tune in and ask me questions/give comments about myself, the radio, my show, or anything they wanted to discuss.

I then read back the questions on-air and answered them to the best of my ability.  I did not have as large of a turnout as I had hoped, as I expected more classmates to get involved and tune in.  I improvised a bit during the show to accommodate the lack of participation at times, as I would “take breaks” and play music in between moments of minimal interaction.

I was lucky to have some friends/classmates unexpectedly join me in the studio where we turned it into an interview, so to say, where I used the other microphones in the studio to bring them in and have them engage and ask me some questions for me to answer on-air.  We ended up having a nice conversation about radio, and some of the genres I play on my show, and my involvement in MVL.

Altogether this process helped me to practice my on-air skills while being spontaneous and maintaining a calm, cool and collective demeanor on-air and on video.  I believe this helped me with my comfortability level speaking over the air to an audience and made me a better radio host.  Although there were some things I could have improved or wish I could have done over again, but that is the point of live radio and I must be able to think on the spot without preparation at times.  Besides the few flaws I thought the project was a success and I appreciate the involvement of all who participated.

Blake Hagerman


  1. Your semester project was awesome Blake, I really enjoyed engaging with you on air. I also like that you were able to go live and open the discussion up to the class.

  2. I think your semester project was really cool since its something most of us wouldn’t have done. Unfortunately, I was one of the people that wasn’t able to tune in since I was working; however, I did watch certain parts of the live stream after it was over. Like you mentioned, this was a really cool way of further working on your communication skills.

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