First Responders vs Media

First Responders vs Media: Blog 3

Many first response agencies across the state and country are using social media in many ways!  Many volunteer fire departments and volunteer ambulance corps are recruiting volunteers, and law enforcement agencies are attempting to catch criminals.  The New York State Police started “Warrant Wednesday” back in February of 2014.  The state police post wanted posters on its Facebook page every Wednesday, and the posters will include people who have outstanding arrest and bench warrants.  Using current social media, the state police have captured many criminals who have outstanding warrants across the state.   Many agencies are also using social media to push out information about crimes or even a simple reminder to lock your doors at night.  The City of Peekskill Police posts every night at 9 pm as a reminder to close your doors.  This is in an attempt to build community policing within the online community.  Social media is also an excellent way to introduce officers, promote achievements within the law enforcement ranks, and remember the fallen officers.  Social media is also used to help young people become interested in law enforcement and criminal justice careers through trivia, history, and education-related posts.  In 2016 the International Association of Chiefs of Police completed a survey which showed 91% of law enforcement agencies have social media accounts to notify the public of public safety concerns.  It’s important to remember that law enforcement and other responders are not only using current technology to put people in jail.  They are also looking educate the public in which they serve.


  1. I think that it is important for these agencies to be posting on social media especially for local communities. For example, my town has a police department Facebook page and I feel like it is useful in times of short notice or to even remind your community on certain things. This page posts anything from recognition awards, events, recent crimes, lost pets, and more. It is truly important to stay involved in these issues and to be aware.

  2. It’s a good idea for these agencies to use social media to recruit people, get them interested in joining and helping to catch criminals. We live in an age where virtual reality sort of overshadows our physical reality. These agencies may as well take advantage of that.

  3. I think having first responders take advantage of the access to social media is extremely beneficial. In a way it creates a community. Also coming from a family of first responders, it has been interesting to see how different groups adjust their social media presence based on location and size of the organization. While not showcasing current actions or stories, fundraising and sharing information about programs like the Law Enforcement Torch Run can really gather attention on social media. Event information can be shared easily, and again creates a community. And in addition, shows a different side of a department.

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