First Responders vs Media

First Responders vs Media: Blog 6

During my short career, I’ve had many exciting calls.  Some with a happy ending and others you don’t want to talk about.  I’ve seen technology change in front of my eyes and have had to opportunity to deal with the media in my face.  I’ve always tried to stay out of the paper for the good and the bad.  I don’t feel like it’s my place yet.  But I’ve been forced to do a few interviews with local press.  On April 5th, 2015 myself and four other firefighters and five deputy sheriffs resuscitated a male on the side of the road.  This was my actual first life save as an EMT.  What made this call so unique and “newsworthy” was the fact it was Easter night.  Myself and all the responders were presented numerous awards, and our names were flaunted in the local news for days.  Recently I took part in a dangerous rescue directly behind my house.  It was a two-car motor vehicle accident where one vehicle flipped into a local pound, and another vehicle caught fire with a male in the front seat.  Myself, a New York State Trooper, and a deputy sheriff actions were able to save the males life.  These are the only two stories so far which my name has been directly related or added to a story but if I had it my way I would completely stay out of the news.  I’m not much for the fame.  Out of all the exciting thing I’ve done so far, the best is seeing a positive outcome for either the patient or their family.  That’s what it comes down to, help the people we serve.  I ask you to please don’t “jump the gun” when judging a first responder.  We are all humans, and all make mistakes, but our common goal is to make the communities we live in a safer place.

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  1. You definitely take an interesting approach to being in the news. Most people I know say they don’t like being in the news but deep inside they love it. I think what you do takes a lot of courage. It’s very respectful of you to say you don’t like being in the news. Espcially since you have made this decsion early in your career. I think it’s easy to be purseuaded with media and others opinions but I think respect your choice.

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