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Gun Control Podcast for my Semester Project

For my semester Project, I did a podcast with my two friends, Peter Sesti and Chris Denner. Peter identifies himself as being left wing, generally, and Chris identifies himself with the right. The podcast altogether with them lasted about fifty minutes. I was able to cut it down to about nine minutes and forty-eight seconds.

In the podcast, I ask them questions about gun control, and it’s funny because even though these two consider themselves on opposite sides of the political spectrum, they really did not disagree much on any of the questions. One of the questions is if they think that substantial change will come for gun control. Peter says that in the current political climate that there won’t be and there won’t be for a while because guns are a commodity. They are source of money and power, especially for the NRA. Chris agrees with Peter that there won’t be any change and that mass shootings should be focused more on the people pulling the trigger rather than the gun itself, and Peter even agrees that it should also be focused on the person pulling the trigger.

There were some disagreements, where Peter thinks that having a national database of gunowners should exist where it could make solving gun crimes easier for police, but Denner disagrees, where a gun in a mass shooting could be used by someone who is not registered with that particular gun. The person who is registered with it will be the prime suspect even though that person didn’t commit the crime. So, having this database could lead police down the wrong trail.

The fact that these two didn’t have too many disagreements or get mad at each other when they did tells me that it is possible to have a good and peaceful conversation with each other. There’s so much divide in this country on gun control, the presidency, and so on, that really, it’s just nice to see that two people can come together and have a mature and calm conversations about something that so many people get mad about when one person doesn’t agree with the other. It’s nice to see that these two have reasonable thoughts on the matter and are reasonable with each other. Really if people on both ends of the spectrum can come and talk like this, like Peter and Chris, than that really would make American great again.

-Andrew Dzwonczyk

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  1. While listening to this podcast in class it really seemed like it could be on an actual podcast site. I think you asked the right questions to get engaging responses from both Chris and Peter. They both stayed professional and were very serious about the questions relating to the topics. It was interesting to hear how they have opposing standpoints, but at the same time did not disagree that much.

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