First Responders vs Media

First Responders vs Media: Blog 4

On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at about 4:45 pm the Village of Buchanan Police Officer Robert Budde, received a call from a hysterical woman screaming on the phone.  Upon Officer Budds’s arrival the hysterical woman brought him to the 11-month-old baby she was caring for. The baby was not breathing and had no pulse. Officer Budde immediately began performing CPR on the baby. While Officer Budde was performing CPR, the baby regained a heartbeat and began to breathe.  The baby was transported to a local hospital by Cortlandt Ambulance.  Officer Budde’s quick response and excellent patient care he saved the baby’s life.  The Village of Buchanan is located in northern Westchester County.  The village is only one square mile with a population of 2,300 residence.  The police department is one of the smallest departments in the county with only seven police officers.  The reason I share this story is that ten years ago this story wouldn’t have even made the paper.  Now with how easy it is to post a story online the story exploded in only a matter of hours.  With only 500 likes on the villages, Facebook page the tale got 864 like 87 shares and hundreds of comments.  A story which no one would have heard of if it wasn’t for social media.  The story was shared on law enforcement and fire sites all over the country.  Even the smallest departments can make the news with the accessibility of social media.

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  1. This is a great story. Lately, it’s been more often to hear stories that depict the law enforcement officers negatively. Really stories like this should be heard and shared more often. It stinks that people just want to portray law enforcement as bad people rather than heroes.

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