Post #1-All the Questions

What is our project? Laura and I worked together to work on finding out the underlying truths to social media and technology. We took a survey of over 80 people to find out the answers to our questions.


What did we do? We sat down around a month ago and wrote up a bunch of questions that we thought would be beneficial towards our project. From there, we took those questions and put them in a google form. To make everyone’s lives easier, we made every question a yes/no question. Why we did this? We thought that there could be so many answers to these questions that yes or no would suffice.


Who did we ask to answer our questions? Pretty much our goal was to ask as many people as possible. We wanted people in the range from 16-80. We got that too. The craziest part is we actually had almost exactly an equal number of answers from all who decided to take our test.


What were the questions used for? We took the data from the project and Google is pretty awesome and actually turned all of our information into circle graphs. We were able to see everyone’s data and the percentage of data based on the whole group. We then took that information and split it up into male and female. We also split it up by generation, so adults are over the age of 35 and millennials are considered anyone under the age of 35. We took all of their answers and broke them down into smaller circle graphs.


~Danyela Swidler~

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