Post #3-How did we come up with this idea?

While coming up with ideas, Laura and I have taken a lot of our communications classes together so we knew there was going to be a common theme for this project. We have learned a lot about the effects of social media and technology on the millennial age especially. In our Comm Theory class last semester, we learned a lot about the different functions of media and what the millennials face in congruency with technology. We wanted to see if any of this information resonated with adults. Why? I think that technology in itself really hasn’t just affected just millennials. People nowadays are allowing their young children to grow up on iPad’s and television and even grandparents love the use of iPad’s. I know personally, my grandma loves her iPad and thinks it is the best thing ever.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 9.58.20 PM.png


This image depicts the age range that we were able to get responses from in our online quest to find answers about social media and technology. First of all, getting 86 responses about this was just amazing, but the fact that they range from age 16-78 is even crazier. I believe that people are much more willing to help others nowadays because using the internet makes that so much easier. But why should people be more willing to help? I believe it is the convenience that the internet provides that allows people to be willing to help. I’m not sure if that is actually the reason that people are willing to help others, but I definitely think that the internet makes peoples lives easier and more beneficial when it comes to projects like this.


~Danyela Swidler~

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