Post #4: More into the Questions

The process of finding the questions we were going to ask definitely wasn’t done in 5 minutes. We actually went to many friends and had to ask questions they thought would be simple to answer and that would be understood by not just millennials but by baby boomers and those younger. Why did we need to ask questions to this giant age range? I think that learning about the different generations gives us a sense of what society is today.


The first question…Does technology improve human interaction? I think can be swayed in two very different directions.  I think people can either assume that technology enhances peoples abilities to communicate because they are able to talk more and easily and as fast or slow as possible. In another sense, it can be a bad way of human interaction because people don’t know how to interact with others in person. I have seen it very loudly and clearly in person actually. I notice a lot of people struggle to have in-person conversations but can have very real and normal conversations over text.


The next question asked if you could go longer than 5 hours without touching or using your phone? I also thought this question was pretty funny. 60.2% percent of the people that responded said that they could go longer than 5 hours without using their phone and only 39% said that they couldn’t. I definitely thought this question would be skewed differently. So I made it my job to look at the numbers when I separated the information and it made a huge difference. So, when I looked at the adult numbers, only 13 out of the 41 people said that they would not be able to make it 5 hours without their phone. All of the rest said they could sustain 5 hours without touching their phones.


~Danyela Swidler~

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    Do you think the answers you may have gotten are answers they want you to hear or things they want believe but dont actually do? The reason why I mention some may be lying is because many of my interviewees for my Juul Project got really shy when the camera was on and even adjusted their voices and answers, once the camera turned off they were telling me more of their true feelings. I was just curious to know if you think some of the answers they gave were answers they thought we wanted to hear.

    Great Job !

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