Semester Project 2018

Semester Project: Class Logo

Based off the Google Doc blog changes, I decided to resuscitate a concept written on that document and make it into my semester project.

The idea was to make a logo for the class blog… so I did exactly that.

I wanted take the name “Convergent Media, Divergent Voices” a make an artist rendition of the classes structure and class description.

I actually didn’t know the true meaning of the title of the class; So I started off looking up at what “Convergent” and “Divergent” means and I learned that Convergent means, “coming closer together, especially in characteristics or ideas” while Divergent means, “tending to be different or develop in different directions.”

I wanted to focus incorporating those meanings into my logo so I chose using a world as the base to represent the world, specifically more so the internet (it’s the internet representation of the world). I researched different representations of the world wide web and stuck close to the universal, circle with many line world logo.
But I still needed something to represent the divergent aspect. Our class is primarily a Digital Media class– for crying out loud we’re a communications class. While the world wide web encompasses that concept of technology, it needed a more direct meaning to bi-directional conversations. When I think of communication I think of a internet network (i know, ironic considering we steered so far away from ethernet cables). With the network cables on the bottom it shows different directions/variants one might take compared to someone else.

Let me know what you guys think.


  1. I love it! The logo has this forward sense of movement and the outer circle really ties in everything. In terms of the colors I am not sure which one I like more. I think for the blog, the black and white one might work better. The blue one could go on the Facebook page. This puts a nice twist on the class and the blog and can definitely be used for future classes.

  2. I really like how these came out! I love how it is a circle and shows the two different parts of the class. I would be interested in seeing the logo on different color backgrounds to see how it looks differently.

  3. I really think the logo turned out amazing. I actually didn’t imagine it as that and I thought that it would be different, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how well it depicts what we do in this class.

  4. I think the logo works really well for the class and even future classes! It works really well as it balances similar styles from other logo/style that might be seen online, while also creating a cohesive idea. The design draws attention to the point of convergence too!

  5. Comment #13

    This logo is so simple but yet speak volumes! This logo is a great representation of our class and I think it will go well with out new website. The colors are simple, the font is visible and it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Very creative !

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