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It only made sense that my semester project should be a podcast. It only felt natural after I developed an obsession over the past couple of months for podcasts. I’m thrilled my passion for listening to podcast brought me here. I have to say being on the other side of the podcast was different than being a listener. I felt a sense of power I never expected I would feel. Picking who to interview, asking the questions, editing, was an interesting process to go through. When I was looking for people to interview I ran into a couple of problems. One of them was a lack of seniors who were willing to participate. The timing of podcast wasn’t the most ideal with senior’s schedules. I also had a vision of who I wanted to interview in mind. I knew I didn’t want to ask the same people because that could get boring. But I also wanted to interview people who would talk with me and have a nice conversation. Lucky for me Professor Proctor directed me to the most talkative person in the Senior class. Heather aside from being very busy was willing to participate. By chance Emmy, another senior was in the Writing Center that day and overheard our conversation so I decided to interview her as well. In addition, to interview the two of them I also interviewed my friend Emily.

What I’ve learned from listening to podcasts is how to format a podcast. When I was editing my podcast, I was trying to edit the unnecessary details but also keep the flow of the conversation. Heather and Emmy had talked for a while and I knew I wanted to keep a lot of what they said. I ended up cutting a lot but I knew I liked the conversational aspect of their interview and wanted to keep that in mind when editing. When I volunteered to do a podcast for my semester project it never occurred to me that I didn’t know how to record, edit or publish one. It was fascinating to learn how it can all be done on your phone. While it won’t be high quality it was interesting to me that really anyone can start a podcast with the click of a button and an idea.


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    When I first started looking a semester project ideas, my original idea was to do a podcast, then it changed to doing a music video then I decided to do an Instagram that would document my findings. If I had to do the semester project again I would also include a podcast. Your project was well done and I loved your topic since I am also a Graduating senior who feels all those emotions.

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