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Kyle Kasuv: Parkland Shooting Survivor

Kyle Kasuv is a survivor of the Parkland Shooting. His views are different from survivors such as David Hogg, where he does not believe in gun control. He is a firm believer in the second amendment. In an article by Teri Webster called “Parkland student and second amendment advocate asks why he wasn’t invited to speak at weekend rally”, Kyle says he believes that gun control won’t stop mass shootings, but instead blames law enforcement for failing to enforce already “existing laws and practices” that were put in place to prevent these shootings.  I agree with him in that this could have been prevented. Nikolas Cruz has been reported to the FBI for things he has said on Youtube and other platforms, and yet they did nothing. In the time we live in, the FBI should not have brushed off Cruz’s comments online. Also, there was a security guard outside of the high school who was armed, but he did nothing. If he had done his damn job, there would have probably been lesser deaths.

Kasuv says that he doesn’t think his voice is being heard because he wasn’t invited to speak at the March for Our Lives event. I think he should have been invited because he was at the school and in danger of being killed. The fact that he has his beliefs and still holds on to them even after what he’s been through is remarkable. His opinion matters and it matter just as much as David Hogg’s. It wasn’t right for him not have been invited. Really what should happen is for his voice to be heard. Him and the Hogg and the other Parkland survivors should band together to advocate for change. Come up with solutions together and hear each other out. We shouldn’t just listen to one side. We should listen to both and see what we could come up with together. If not just gun control, then what other solutions could be implemented?

This article is a summary of an interview that Kyle participated in for Face the Nation. It’s included in the link above along with the article.


  1. Taide Acevedo Comment #3

    I do have several opinions on gun control but I do agree with you, I do believe in the second amendment which is the right to bare arms. Kyle kasuv is a victim and because of his differing opinion he is being judged. This comes to show that we are not seeing the bigger picture. it is not the Guns killing the people it is the people who obtain them. By enforcing the laws we already have or making them stricter, we will not be seeing so many tragedies.

  2. I definitely think gun control is a very debatable topic. I think there’s reasons for guns to be allowed and reasons for them not to be allowed. I think that this kids voice should have been heard just as equally as the other kids that were allowed to speak at March of Our Lives. He was still a student at the school, his life was still at risk, and he gets to sit in silence while these other kids get to voice their opinion to the world and become “heroes.”

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