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Pro-gun Control Restaurant receives Death Threats

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An article by Max Greenwood talks about how a Dallas restaurant is receiving death threats because of it is posting messages on the customer’s receipts supporting gun control during the NRA’s leadership forum this week. The restaurant has been getting calls where people are saying that they are going to come and shoot up the place. The NRA told people to stay away from the restaurant because of the views it is passing on to its customers.

I don’t like this one bit. The restaurant has its views and even if people don’t agree with them, the last thing they should do is threaten to shoot up the restaurant. A person can’t just say these kinds of threats in today’s world, even if that person is not serious about them. Also, so what if the restaurant has pro-gun control views? The person responsible for putting the messages on the receipts has his or her beliefs about how to make the world a safer place. Anyone who wants gun control they just want to make the world a safer place and simply trying to encourage people to think the same way. They’re not trying to hurt anybody. For people to threaten the restaurant like this, they are insane and completely wrong in how they are responding to this situation. It’s disgusting that they would make these kinds of threats in today’s world.

The NRA is no better. They took this message on the receipts and tweeted it out to its followers, and it sparked outrage and led people to threaten the restaurant. I get that the NRA is very pro-gun, but they shouldn’t be unintentionally inciting death threats to the place. That’s just going to make people disagree with their views about guns even more. They were wrong and should’ve respected the restaurant’s choice to spread the pro-gun control message.

-Andrew Dzwonczyk


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  1. I agree that this is something that the NRA should not be engaging with. While they also have the ability to express their opinion as an organization, they should not support members who might threaten violence against others. But looking at track records it is not surprising that there has been no recant, urging supporters to stop necessary threats.

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