University of Florida grads who were rushed off stage

A college’s student main goal many times is to finally graduate. With the end of the semester being around the corner, I thought this topic was important to discuss.

Earlier today I saw on the news that a number of African American grads were rushed off the stage when they decided to perform a celebration dance. This ended up being all over the news since what happened was unacceptable. The article on CNN mentions, “As students were called up to receive their diplomas, some decided to perform a quick celebratory dance. But a faculty member didn’t find the performances to his liking, and forcibly rushed the graduates off the stage.” I believe that the man’s actions were extremely rude and unnecessary. Students pay so much money in order to attend college, I do not think a little celebration dance after all students go through, could hurt anyone. It is disturbing to watch this take place because he does it in a way that seems too aggressive.

Thankfully, the man who performed these actions officially apologized to the students; however, it is sad that their college graduation was ruined.


  1. That’s actually so disturbing. All those kids wanted was to enjoy the fact that they had made it through college and a professor didn’t even have a decency to let them enjoy that.

  2. In the media we keep seeing many videos that are going viral for disturbing reasons. Lately many of these issues are in regards to race, gender, beliefs, and more. You really do not know who you can believe until there is video evidence. This is disappointing to see and I am wondering when these videos will come to an end.

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