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A Dating Site for Cheating Spouses

The internet is full of many wonders, such as online dating. There are sites such as Match and eHarmony that have brought people together to form a wonderful bond together and live in holy matrimony. Never have I ever thought that there would be an online dating site geared toward ruining the sanctity of marriage. Ashley Madison is a social networking site that is made for people to cheat on their spouses or their partner in a relationship. It is a site created for discretion, where a person can discreetly cheat on their significant other. It’s also geared towards single people, but it is mostly for people already in relationships, and just wow.

Honestly, I have no words for this. I don’t know whether to be repulsed with the fact that this exists or just laugh out loud, like seriously. This site has been around since 2001, like almost twenty years. It’s been around longer than Facebook. It’s honestly hilarious that this site is still active after so long. Wikipedia says that this site has about forty-six million active users as of 2016. Millions of people are cheating on their girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse.

It’s funny that this is a thing, like unbelievably funny, but it is upsetting to see how many people cheat on their significant others with this site. A person makes a vow, when they get married, to love and cherish his or her spouse and meanwhile this person is using a site to cheat on his or her own spouse? It is honestly terrible how many people actually use this site. Like why did these people get married in the first place if they weren’t going to honor the sanctity of marriage?

-Andrew Dzwonczyk


  1. Wow, I have never thought there would be a site for this. I was aware that many people would cheat on their significant others with the use of apps such as, Tinder and Match; however, a dating site meant for people in relationships? Crazy.

  2. This is seriously crazy, but it could also be used to check if your significant other is cheating. It’s sad to think that someone should have to go through this, but if a person is devoting their time to someone who is cheating on them, well then, at least me personally, I would go to the website and try to find out if i have suspicions.

  3. Comment #10

    Being that I am in a relationship and just my beliefs on relationships, I feel like this is a crazy and upsetting idea. If you are not happy with someone then you should just leave them, why cheat and deal with the headache when you could do the same thing when you are single without the drama! This is also scary for those who know that the person you are meeting up with just wants to cheat and you are just seen as an item. I honestly feel like this website is for people who are desperate and dont really have respect for themselves or their partners, this is upsetting but its 2018 and I am honestly not even surprised this exist!.

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