Mental Health Stigma in Movies

Unfortunately, Hollywood has painted a less flattering picture around mental health issues in the past. They have focused on extremes and have created a stigma involving the issues.

Especially in horror movies, mental illnesses have been portrayed as an “instrument of horror.” If you look at films throughout the decades, you see serial killers and psychopaths that frighten audiences. It has stigmatized people with mental health issues as being violent and dangerous. However, when you look at research, a majority of people with these mental illnesses are not violent at all.

If you really dive into every aspects of mental health, you could see that the portrayal of psychiatrics is just as bad. Films have created negative attitudes towards mental illness and healthcare. “I think we’re starting to see more films that attempt to capture the realities of mental illness and mental healthcare, rather than sensationalizing these health conditions for narrative purposes.”


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