On The Media April 27th

This episode of On the Media came out on April 27th and it talked about white voters and the Trump administration. It talked about the reasons that people voted for Trump even though they may not agree with  all of his ideas and even suggested that because of these reasons, he may  even get reelected for a second term. The points made argued that while some people vote the same way their whole lives, others vote based on what they see. This means that even though they may not personally like the person in office, as long as they get what they want, which is most often an improvement in the economy, they don’t mind giving them  the vote.By that logic, people who believe that Trump has shown results may be willing to get him reelected.

As  an international student in New York, this type of conversation would be interesting to let play out and follow. It is difficult to believe that so many people are in support of this when so many people that I have the opportunity to talk to either on campus or in the city would strongly reject this idea. This disconnect is interesting because even though statistics do a close to accurate if not completely accurate job of illustrating how many people feel either way about the topic, , the perception of someone who is surrounded by a certain type of opinion can seem completely different. Of course, it depends on what kind of people one chooses to surround themselves with, especially when making the distinction between spending time online and offline where the choice of people is limited by relative proximity. But it seems that even though online communication is becoming ever more prevalent, face to face communication still has an impact and carries some weight in terms of personality and even views. With such strong opinions favoring one side circulating through a work, school, ore even social environment, it is easy to adopt those views or even be discourage to speak one’s own. 


  1. When it comes to the presidential election it is important to vote for who YOU want to vote for. People tend to sway in the directions of others and often set their own personal beliefs aside. I think in this election specifically people did not even want to say who they voted for (especially people that voted for Trump).

  2. I think, especially now, people feel a strong allegiance to party politics. I find this to be a bit of a problem, especially we go into another election year. Some people feel the need to vote with their party, even if they don’t agree with the candidate. This is a cycle that we are stuck in, but can change (not simply) if we begin to think for country rather than party.

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