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Research Project/Semester Paper: Blog Redesign

To redesign the class blog I started by trying out different themes to see which one would be the best fit for the overall redesign of the blog. I wanted to choose a theme, preferably a premium one, that would allow for the layout to be seamlessly transferred. Overall the design process took about five days. Below is a list of some major changes that I made:


AMP for WordPress- with this plugin pages load faster on mobile devices. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages

Akismet Anti-Spam- checks comments and contact form submissions to prevent spam. This is automatically managed by WordPress.

Apex Notification Bar- this plugin is the notification bar see at the top of the screen when the blog loads. It can be useful to inform students of upcoming dates and much more.

Yoast SEO- Yoast takes care of SEO for the blog making content/post more search engine friendly.

WP Accessibility- This plugin helps the blog to be more accessible to users who are visually impaired.

Recent Post Extended Widget- allows you to display recent post with thumbnails

JetPack-improves the overall blog, handles security, backup and more. This is automatically managed by WordPress

Max Buttons-  this plugin allows blog posts to be shared across social media channels

Majority of these plugins are automatically managed by WordPress, those that aren’t have already been configured.

How to use Max Buttons:

How to use Apex Notification Bar (This is an in-depth documentation provided by the plugin author)

WP Accessibility- Plugin is already configured, no need for further configuration. To disable the plugin. Navigate to Dashboard/WP Admin and select ‘Plugins’ then scroll down until WP Accessibility appears. Then click ‘Deactivate.’ All plugins can also be deactivated this way.



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    you did an amazing job with the website, my favorite features on the website are the text adjustment, the color change for those who are visually impaired and the top bar that tells you the deadlines and whats due next. AMAZING JOB!!!

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