School Safety Measures

A big topic that we’ve discussed this semester has been school shootings. What is the best way to prevent another tragedy? According to an article from the New York Times, the best shield for schools is to have a metal detector.

Since the Parkland shooting, many schools are reevaluating their security measures. Schools are supposed to been seen as a safe haven for students. A place that they feel safe to go to and learn. No student should be constantly worried if something bad could happen.

The craziest thing to me is now this a growing industry. Security equipment and services in education sector has reached sales of $2.7 billion. “There are no national standards in terms of products for school safety.”  Curtis S. Lavarello, executive director of the School Safety Advocacy Council, a training provider.  This has been the biggest talk in politics lately. Should every school follow the same protocols and safety measures to ensure student safety?

According to the NY Times Article:

After shootings, schools wade through security options

School safety products and technologies are proliferating, but their effectiveness is unclear. Here are some examples of the flood of services being pitched to campus administrators.

  • Detection technology

Motion, sound, heat and metal detectors, X-ray machines

  • Surveillance

Body cameras, closed-circuit television, GPS tracking

  • Entry control

Remote-controlled door locks, mobile barricades, palm scanners, identification cards

  • Community monitoring 

Scans of social media content for signs of threats, anonymous tip lines

  • Communications systems

Walkie-talkies, panic buttons, scream alarms, automated text alerts

  • Protective shields

Bulletproof shelters, windows, backpacks, clipboard



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