Streaming Platforms

Streaming media has changed how people view video entertainment. Many people dropped their TV channels in place of on-demand platforms such as Netflix.

“67% of Americans use a streaming service while only 61% still have home cable connected.”

Cable Tv has taken the hit and these new platforms are prospering. YouTube was one of the first platforms available for video streaming. This also allowed users to upload videos for free as well. At first, streaming was to replace DVD rentals. However, it quickly started to threat cable TV.

According to the blog on FanHero, the average person spends 167 minutes watching tv versus 149 minutes being online.

Also, most all generations are preferring steaming media rather than cable. Consumers are preferring to watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. On top of that, people are becoming too impatient to sit through commercials.


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