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Why I Decided to Become an Entrepreneur


Growing up, I had it all laid out, my plan from a tender age was to become a soldier, preferably one in the special forces. As I grew older things changed. In seventh grade when I started high school, I fell in love with computer and technology as a whole. I was fascinated by computers and who they worked. In eleventh grade, I was introduced to marketing by taking a few classes where I learned the basics. From that day on marketing has become my passion.
Prior to coming to college, I worked for a telecommunications company as a technician. I was primarily responsible for installing and repairing telephone systems, but I also was the company’s social media manager. After a while of managing the company’s social media, I learned about digital marketing.
Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for all internet marketing effort, such as Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click etc. I became fascinated with digital marketing ever since, so I invested in different courses to delve a bit deeper. The deeper I went, the more I become fascinated. I took all the skills I learned and did a little research and found out that companies are willing to pay to outsource their digital marketing efforts, and that’s when I founded a company called Buzz Crowd. I founded the company on one mission which is to provide effective and affordable digital marketing for small businesses. I aim to become one of the greatest digital marketers the industry has ever seen. To achieve such a feat I am constantly learning, becoming better prepared to help my clients grow exponentially.
Digital Marketing, is a very dynamic industry, what works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow and that what I love about it. I also get to help passionate small business owners along the way, and that brings me Joy.
For me, a regular 9 to 5 just did not cut it, I had numerous jobs, but dreaded working for someone else. You may hear about the amazing success stories of entrepreneurs becoming millionaires, but often time what is not mentioned is how hard it is to get there. Entrepreneurship is not a glorious path. Being an entrepreneur is accompanied by sleepless nights, early morning; you must be determined and persistent to survive.

Here’s a snapshot of what my company does:

After college, I plan on pursuing this full-time, eventually, I want to open up an office in NYC and expand my team. I am currently seeking investors to expedite this process. I am excited to see what the future beholds. follow my journey on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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