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This afternoon in between finals, I was scrolling through twitter and came across the story of David Goodall, a 104 year old Australian scientist and award winner, who decided to end his life via assisted suicide in Switzerland as it is illegal in Australia. This discussion on morality and legality of assisted suicide is quite opinionated and is something that I have noticed when it comes up in class debates in sociology or when discussing books like Me Before You.

While the topic itself is extremely interesting, I think the media coverage by Sky News and their reporter Michelle Clifford is even more so. Goodall invited a small number of journalists to cover according to Clifford: “Dr David #Goodall has publicised his journey to be allowed to die in the hope of advancing debate about assisted suicide. It is an issue which is deeply controversial. A small number of journalists are in the clinic where he is expected shortly.”

Clifford also shared tweets with other quotes from Goodall, videos of his family’s goodbyes, and images of the room where he would end his life. They also chronicled final meetings, up to his final moments. As this is not an average situation that we would be used to in the United States, it makes sense that the reporting would be a little unusual too.


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    The lethal injection is such a controversial topic, in my opinion I take a religious perspective that no one should take their life, unless they are terminally ill and are suffering then that is their decision. He was 104 he lived a long life. I do think people should have the option to be euthanized but it should come with regulations such as Phycological test.

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