Final Project: Newtown Podcast

My final project consisted of creating a podcast.

Yes the podcast is too long to show the whole thing during class, but I am satisfied with the length. It makes it feel more legit and official, like a real podcast.

This is the first and last episode of my podcast surrounding my experience growing up in Newtown Connecticut during (and after) the Sandy Hook School shooting. I am joined by two students who share a very similar experience as me: Brooke and Rebecca. Brooke and I were at Newtown High School during the shooting and Rebecca was at Newtown Middle School. We knew each other before college but I brought us all together because we have this background but also attend the same college.

I really enjoyed the discussion that we had before, during, and after filming and I am glad that I did this project.


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  1. This is a really interesting podcast and idea that I think was executed really well. What we listened to in class was really intriguing. I think your choice to make this podcast conversational really humanized a difficult topic in ways that might not be seen regularly.

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