Final Project – Katherine Matuszek & Tara Murphy

For our final project Tara and I decided to work collaboratively in the mediums that we are both interested in: photography (Tara) and writing (Katherine).

The project was part commentary on the idealization of Instagram photos and the selections that we make in the midst of “real life.” The photos were taken by Tara chronicling her last month at Manhattanville while examining Instagram culture. I responded to the photos in a variety of ways, either in poetry or prose form. The responses also varied from direct commentary to the more tangential.

Convergent-Divergent project 1Convergent-Divergent project 2Convergent-Divergent project 4Convergent-Divergent project 5Convergent-Divergent project 6Convergent-Divergent project 7


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    This Project was extremely fun to listen to. I honestly wish I had the skill to do it. This is something you should continue and make a trend. It might allow many to tap into their creative side by recreating or creating a new master piece. Awesome work!!

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