Google: An “AI Enterprise”

On May 8, 2018 Google held its annual developer conference and introduced new ideas and systems that they are rolling out soon. It is no surprise that Google is making changes underneath the screen on their phones and other android devices as well as making changes to what we expect our phones to do.

One of the new introduction that I found interesting was the addition of augmented maps for Google Maps. Instead of guessing what direction to move in based on the map and blue dot that we’re used to, the changes would allow you to hold up your phone’s camera and scan the area with an overlay of the maps feature, telling what direction to move in.  I think this development could be helpful in the long run!


Another interesting introduction was the changes to Google’s Artificial Intelligence feature. It is a voiced AI that they suggest could make dinner reservations over the phone, so you don’t have to. The demonstration was surprisingly human-like, with added breaks for “uhs” and “umms.” This is interesting but then it calls into question if there should be a disclaimer that the person speaking is not actually a person, how much we invest in them, and if this enforces an unnecessary reliance on our technology (so much so that we can’t make phone calls and talk).

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    I do find the new navigation system as affective and as an advancement to technology but I do not like the artificial intelligence were it makes us so lazy to the point we dont want to use our voices. Google is a very smart company but I think we have not yet reached the point where people dont even want use their voice, something that we all just naturally to do to communicate. This might be helpful for those who are mute, this is a great way of letting people with disabilities be more accessible to do simple things like making a reservation.

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