‘This Is America’ by Childish Gambino

Donald Glover infamously known as Childish Gambino has had quite the weekend one might say. Childish Gambino, took the internet by storm with the release of his new music video “This is America.” Within 24 hours, the video amassed over 10 million views and over 50 million in two days. The video is filled with powerful imagery which addresses some of the harsh realities currently facing America. I have no words to do this video justice, so watch and be amazed. When watching don’t focus on his dancing, but rather what is taking place in the background, that where the true meaning lie.

This video is masterfully created from choreography to directing. Most importantly it highlights some issues that continue to happen in America today such as gun violence.

When I watched it these are the hidden messages in the video that I caught onto:

The murder of the choir singing – I think with this Glover is making reference to the 2015 mass shooteing at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Shooting the man playing the guitar – when the seated man comes back into the scene, his head is covered and before for shooting him Glover strikes a Jim Crow. For those who don’t know, Jim Crow was a racial character created by Thomas D Rice based on a man named Jim Crow.

The video is filled with a lot more hidden messages, I am sure I missed some of them, Leave a comment with the ones you find.


  1. The video is definitely very powerful, as it highlights many political and social issues within our nation. I think it is important to reflect on the importance of self expression through art. Means such as this are a good way to express discontent within a society. Pop culture helps bring to light these issues because of the number of views the video recieves due to the extreme popularity of childish gambino. As opposed to acts of violence, this is much better way to express ourselves.

  2. I personally liked that the video included young kids filming everything that was happening. The camera panned up to show them in the rafters with iPhones. Also, it has been suggested that the dancers were dressed in school uniforms to signify students’ role in the gun violence debate. It’s a really striking and risk-taking video which I can appreciate.

  3. This video and song have very strong political statements. The video represents Childish Gambino dancing while there is madness and craziness going on around him. The video tells the story of America and what we have been through and what it looks like through an outsiders perspective. When I looked at this video for a second time I tried to look at it through a non American Perspective and it look so awful. This video is getting a lot of media attention at the moment where they have even found hidden messages. Definitely worth the time to watch!

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