Post #5 JUUL Kraze Update

I have decided to change my project just a little. At first I wanted to take videos of High schoolers smoking the Juul and make a funny move/music video. When going back home and talking to some of my brothers friends, I realized I wanted to document some of the actual things many of these students were saying. Most of the high schoolers that I spoke to dont think the Juul is bad habit.

When I asked one of the kids alone why he smoked the Juul he shrugged his shoulders and said idk its just cool, when I asked him in front of  his friends they all laughed and said because its so easy to get and why not. It was the same answer but this time he said with more confidence and even laughed about it. My point was not to lecture these kids but compare their answers to college students and so far their responses have been very different with an exception of a few. The real question I ask myself is it even worth smoking the Juul? Do you think its just a trend and will dye out soon?

Currently still in the Process of interviewing more people and adding it to my Juul Instagram!



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  1. You said: “Most of the high schoolers that I spoke to dont think the Juul is bad habit.”

    I’m going to be completely honest- this peeves me.
    It peeves me on a different level because I helped a mid-30’s gentleman switch from cigarettes to e-cigs just literally a year ago because he has a serious addiction problem and he wanted it to end. He switched, not because he wanted to look cool- that’s why he started smoking in the first place 15 years ago, but out of desperation.

    Whereas, a Washington Post article, states:
    “In its first survey of the subject, it found that nearly one-third of 12th-graders reported using some kind of vaping device. The majority said they vaped “just liquid,” followed by nicotine and marijuana.”

    Now this is a slightly non-legitimate source. It doesn’t state the sample size, but if this source is true, it shows that smoking in youth culture can accumulate into other various issues that they will experience later down the line- those that form habits, that lead into addictions.

    Furthermore: “According to internal research by the Truth Initiative, a survey of teenagers found that a significant percentage using JUULs said they were ‘unaware or unsure that the product contains nicotine.’ ”
    So while I’m not one to judge, it isn’t my place to- it makes you wonder. Are they thinking it isn’t a bad habit because their friend’s friend gave them one and because they trust their friend they assume it’s “nothing bad” instead of maybe researching what they’re sticking in their body before they consume it? Or is because social media, and seeing people smoke and talk about their addictions like it’s a good thing, encourages this trend to flourish more than it should.

    As this exact friend just said: “as a former smoker of cigarettes that ANY kind of commercial about quitting smoking or no matter how gross the anti smoking ad is. IT STILL MAKES ME WANT TO SMOKE.”

    It makes me also wonder, what will happen to them in a few years. Will the end up like my friend?- having addiction issues until something bad snaps him back onto the right track? I hope not, but that’s the fate they may flesh out because it’s “not a bad habit” at first and cause someone’s social media promoted it.

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