Post #7 Fortnite taking over your relationship??

Image result for fortniteRecently their has been a HUGE hype over this free game that was created by Epic Games. The Game was fully created on July 25th 2017 but was launched early in 2018. Its an full free game that has all the gamers on edge and itching to play constantly. This game is accessible through Windows, MacOS, The Playstation 4 and Xbox one, it is now available on Iphones. This game is a hit and there is no doubt that people are hooked.

As I was walking on the quad I heard a couple of girls complain about fortnite. I stoped and started talking to them, many said they were annoyed that their partner was so hooked on fortnite that they didn’t like it.  Many of the girls complained that its to loud or time consuming. Some said their boyfriend ditch them to go play fortnite with the guys and she was genially upset.

I also encountered an article from washing post informing us on things women did to get rid of fortnite. A Group of girls have even started a petition. Here is the article below !


My personal opinion on fortnite is that I dont really care for it. I play it with my boyfriend sometimes and its actually really fun. It is not a problem for me because ill just turn it off but I can see how annoyed one can get when you want attention and your partner is glued to the TV and are concerned on where to land. 


What are your opinions on Fortnite???

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