Post 9 who did it best at the MET GALA?

Image result for met gala 2018The Met Gala was just this past weekend and it has left many impressed and some disappointed. Many Media sources have commented on certain celebrities and bashing them for the outfit choice. SZA was judged by the ShadeRoom, a social media outlet that discusses all the problems these artist have.

They tend to start wars and gossip. SZA outfit was deemed cheap and boring. She had on a pink puffy dress that many claimed it was ugly and made her look like a kid. Others lashed out at Selena Gomez for having a bad spray tan. Many constantly attacked her and bashed her for having the tan on that she even ran back to her car and acknowdleged how bad her tan actually looked.

Social Media can be so evil sometimes. Selena Gomez just went through a kidney transplant, this women is already facing all types of stress because her life was jeopardized at such a young age. She is already vulnerable and by someone commenting on her tan or stating she looks way too different is not helping her out.

The MET Gala is a cool event but Media has many evil cons ready to make wars by comparing outfits and some how putting celebrities against each other.

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Selena Gomez and her Tan on the day of the MET GALA.


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Do you think Media has an influence on peoples opinions?


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