Post#8 Juul Final Project COMPLETE

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The Media Juul Project has been by far one of the most Fun projects I have done this semester. My goal was to compare the reason why high Schoolers and college students smoke the Juul. My Conclusion has been that High school students do not care about the affect of Juuling, most of them just do it because its new, its cool and it’s the trend. This is kind of upsetting, these students dont know how bad it is affecting them when they dont even need it.

The responce form the College Students were better as I had hoped given that we are in college. Many of them Smoked they Juul because the like the head high or it has actually helped them quite Smoking cigarettes.

The Main Purpose of the Juul was to supplement cigarettes for something that was healthier and does not have many harsh chemicals in it. Personally I am not a frequent Juul smoker, I have never smoked a cigarette nor wish to. I only Smoke the Juul occasionally when I am out but it is something I do not plan on making a habit.

This project has been such a fun journey that I want to continue just documenting people who smoke the JUUL.



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